Learn about Austin’s Legal Advice & Intake Clinic

TRLA and Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas collaborate on several programs that engage volunteer attorneys in the delivery of free legal services to the poor. To learn more about the VLS project, and how you can volunteer to assist in representing low-income Texans. Visit their website.

Emergency Intake: Walk-in applicants will be accommodated to the extent possible by our intake workers. A walk-in applicant will be placed on an open slot, if one is available, within the next hour. If no spot is available, the intake workers will be notified to see if the client can somehow be accommodated. Otherwise, the client will be scheduled for a telephone intake appointment.

A phone or walk in applicant with an emergency should be seen in less than an hour. If neither intake worker can see the client in less than an hour, then the emergency will be referred to the back up intake workers.

The applicant will be asked to complete an application form before seeing the intake worker.